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World class international shipping and freight forwarding at your service!

We understand completely your needs for reliable and competent international forwarders specializing in speedy logistics services. In line with that, we provide you the services of two companies in one equipped with advanced tools of the trade for every aspect of your international transport needs.

We serve as a vital partner and agent for many exporters and importers worldwide with our personalized approach. Since 2000, we have been taking the job of facilitating the commerce needs of many companies in the global market. Since our inception, we have been continuously maximizing our distribution efforts as well as the reach of your international goals.

Through the combined expertise of our staff we bring you personalized service with expert knowledge on air and sea freight, cargo handling and logistics distribution.


Best 4 Shipping Inc.

Best 4 Shipping Inc. is focused on providing you with the highest quality international ocean freight forwarding and clearing services. If it is ocean transport that you need, we can offer you stress-free export and import services.

International Vehicle Shipping

Whether it is domestic hauling and transport or foreign customs clearing, we can help you transport automobiles with the greatest ease. We specialize in automotive transport, working in conjunction with Vessel lines and port authorities to ensure timely and safe delivery of your vehicle.

Cargo Handling

At Best 4 Shipping we offer only the highest quality cargo handling services. Whether it is large or small, for business or personal use, our team has the necessary tools to transport your cargo to your destination with maximum care and minimal issues.

B4 Global Express Inc. IAC # NE1407005

Air Freight

There are two important concepts in the world of air cargo transport: speed and reliability. We are skilled at both at B4 Global and looking forward to using. From real-time cargo tracking to dedicated customer service, we provide the ideal mix of oversight, safety, handling, and affordability for transporting your cargo.


Our team of logistics experts is ever ready and equipped to provide you with the highest quality logistics through efficient and friendly services. Starting from procurement to customs clearing down to local delivery, we are here to offer our full assistance no matter what the starting point of your shipment is.


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B4 Global Express

144-26 156th street, Jamaica, NY 11434
Tel.: 718-245-6893, Fax: 718-341-0056


144-26 156th street, Jamaica, NY 11434
Tel.: 718-341-0050, 718-341-1633, Fax: 718-341-0056