Does Best 4 Shipping only provide shipping services to West Africa?

We are international and handle shipments to many different countries across the globe but we specialize in shipments to Nigeria and West Africa. Our focus on this region allows us to deliver the highest quality service and commitment.

Does Best 4 Shipping provide local pickup and delivery services ( IE Door-to-Door) ?

We can pickup your package or vehicle from your location and deliver to an exact delivery point in your local destination, our job is to make the shipping process simple and painless for our clients

What are your rates and Transit times?

We would love to speak to you and get an idea what you are shipping, how, and where. Send us an email or contact and let's get started by providing you the best quote for your shipping needs.

How do I follow-up with my shipment once it has been tendered to Best 4 Shipping?

Simple - We provide tracking for all our shipments. Simply go to our homepage and enter your tracking or vin # in the search bar and get updates on the status of your shipment. Also, our customer service team is available to assist you at any point in your shipment's transit.

Can Best 4 Shipping assist with shipments that are located outside of New York?

If your shipment is in the continental United States we can put our shipping service to work for you. Our strength lies in moving shipments of any size no matter the origin. Speak to one of our customer representatives and find out how we can assist.