Non-runner / Forklift Fees What They Are and How To Avoid Them

June 24, 2019

What are these fees?

When shipping Roro vehicles ports are authorized by the vessel line to accept vehicles that are self- propelling and able to be loaded into and out of the vessel without causing strain, harm, or possible danger to port workers or the vessel's crew. This means that the port will only accept a vehicle that is running and driving with no issues or excessive damage as a standard roro unit.

Non-standard roro units are broken up into 2 categories

Non-runner: these are units with 4 operational tires that roll but cannot run and drive as normal for one reason or another. Non-running is also applied to units that do run and drive but have an issue that will prevent safe or uninhibited transport of the vehicle from the terminal to the vessel. This includes (but is not limited to): oil leaks, smoking muffler, excessive front-end damage, faulty battery.

Forklift: these are units that do not have 4 operational tires and cannot be rolled into the vessel even if towed. For these units the port labor will have to use a forklift machine to carry the vehicle into the vessel and out of the vessel.

 Forklift charges also apply to vehicles with the following:

  • damaged steering wheel or steering column;
  • damaged axle;
  • damaged/ missing tire;
  • broken windshield;
  • any condition that presents a danger to port workers: biohazards, broken glass inside the vehicle, broken windshields, mold, blood or dead animals inside the vehicle.

Nonrunner and forklift charges can increase the cost of transporting your vehicle. Here are some tips on how to avoid these additional charges

  • make sure your vehicle meets port standards by communicating with the auction, seller, or contact the car is being picked up from;
  • avoid vehicles with excessive front-end damage. Typically these vehicles have damaged windshields or primary components (engine, radiator, etc);
  • contact us about your vehicle so we can advise the best steps to take on minimizing your transport charges.

** Understanding nonrunning and forklift charges is the first step in avoiding them. Of course, these charges cannot always be avoided entirely, in these cases BEST 4 SHIPPING is your best transport option. Why? We have developed a unique system, incorporating our auto transport drivers and the port, to help avoid or minimize non-runner & forklift charges where possible. Contact us now to find out more.